Candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 21



Rachel Agatep Puaina

I was born in southern California to two Filipino immigrant parents who became citizens the right and legal way. My father came here by joining the United States Coast Guard and my mother became a naturalized citizen through a sponsorship and following the application process.

My husband, Moto and I have four beautiful children: Patricia, Elena, Reagan and Hunter. We moved out here about four years ago when I accepted a job to teach at CCSD. I had contemplated moving out to Las Vegas for years, but the pay and the reviews of CCSD was not at all favorable. When the pay was more comparable to Californian schools, I decided to finally take a leap and move out to Las Vegas. I read that teachers had a usual turnaround rate of about two years in CCSD; after what I went through in CCSD, I could see why. I often tell people that teaching in Compton was a dream compared to CCSD. With all that is going on with this district, you would think anyone running would at least talk to teachers on what they thought is wrong with the schools out here in Las Vegas. 

Living here in Las Vegas has opened my eyes to how much overreach is going on in the classroom. What goes on on campus should be handled locally and not through bureaucracy. Legislators should not be telling teachers how to run classrooms and that is why I decided to run for State Assembly and not the school board. There is more that can be done legislatively to protect families and individuals' rights. 

Although I am more knowledgeable in the classroom, but my passion is also for freedom and liberty. I have seen the potential for Nevada, but it is being undermined by bureaucracy and corruption. It is my hope to restore what this country was founded on and that is individual rights and freedom. We are watching the deterioration of our great nation and I am hoping to bring back what made our country different and more resilient than any other in the world and that is a nation built on morality and righteousness. I read history books before it was rewritten and I know it was built on biblical principles. I believe it is a calling and it is my belief that those who can will step up and restore God back into this country's rightful place and that is the center of it. I may not be perfect, but I strongly believe I am perfect for the job that God has placed in front of me. 

I humbly accept any support, but even if you cannot vote in my district or financially contribute to my campaign I covet your prayers for my family and for myself in this endeavor. Thank you for your time.




Rachel Puaina








"The Natural Liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of Man, but only to have the Law of Nature for his rule."

John Locke



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